Help Write the Next "My Gender Workbook"

Help Write the Next "My Gender Workbook"

If you've been around the queer scene at all, you've probably run into the amazing work of Kate Bornstein who is a performance artist, author and all around gender- raconteur. Kate has been performing, writing and saving lives in our community for more than two decades.At any rate, she's been asked by the folks at Routledge Publishing, who published the first edition of My Gender Workbook to do a second edition. In the time (almost fifteen years) since My Gender Workbook a lot has changed on gender landscape. And although Kate doesn't mention this in her call for submissions a lot of that change has been because of Kate. So now she's asking her fellow gender warriors to help her update the book. This from her blog: “many of the cultural references and contexts—even the way some quiz questions are phrased—are out of date, and this sometimes gets in the way of grasping the important stuff”

Some of the changes Kate mentions since the time the first book landed on the shelves:more awareness of intersections of oppression and marginalization; more sophisticated understanding of & experience with the Internet; a more polarized geopolitcal world, etc.
She also points out that “Young Female-to-Male has replaced Middle-Aged Male-to-Female as the face of transgender in the world.” True that! So now Kate is updating the book and she's looking for new voices, more voices to add to the mix. She says “the idea is to maintain a running commentary of multiple voices through the book”

How do you submit? It's oh so easy, and cool.

All submissions for the workbook should be in the form of tweets. They can be as long as double tweets, up to 140 characters or possibly 280 characters including the mandatory hashtag (that's how Kate will find 'em) #MNGW (My New Gender Workbook). You can tweet your thoughts about gender, right now, this very minute. Or you can keep your eye on Kate's blog or her twittter feed for specific questions you can address. For example, her first question, posted in mid January is “what's your gender”

Oh yeah Kate has only one rule for submissions.

Don't be mean. Simple. But kind of revolutionary in its own way.