Top 5 Worst Gay Book Covers

Top 5 Worst Gay Book Covers

If you have ever looked for gay books, you are keenly aware that you really can't judge a book by its cover. These 5 examples will showcase the worst covers that embrace our gay books, some of which are written by our best authors.


5) From Boys To Men (Gay Romance) by Hector Vance, Morris, Arius De Winter, and Lyle Preston:

Okay guys, seriously? WHAT were you thinking? Why does the one guys dong have to hang out while the other has a red Kabbalah string holding it back? I see this as not only offensive to us gays but to the Jewish faith as well! What is romantic about this? Who gave the cover designer carte blanche to "scrapbook" the cover over a pink background? Are you kidding me?



4) Dreams Come True by Lisa Marie Davis:

So I totally thought I saw the worst with all that pink and the "copy / paste" psuedo porn in the book cover above, that is until I found this little gem. First off, look at that guys hair - are you kidding me? I think they tried to "feather" it first and then just layed it on the side. Second - why is there always a greasy looking Eurpoean guy? Third - this cover looks like it fell out of a "Lifetime movie" commercial - that might actually be a good thing though (the "Gays" love Lifetime). The only thing the cover is missing is the words "not without", if it did I probably would have just assumed it was from Lifetime.





3) My Only Home by Pepper Espinoza:

I really shouldn't have to go any further than HIS NAME IS PEPPER - but, Pepper, why are you outside naked and not comfortable with a robe on in your only home?!







2) Murder Most Gay by John Simpson:

I don't get it... what does the murder have to do with those beefcakes? What is being murdered by this book cover - other than my dignity as a gay man? That guy is wearing a police officer uniform - can't he help out - oh, nope.. too distracted by the whitey tighties guy. That's what happens when your gay, your wearing white underwear next to a cop with an open shirt and then bam, murder city.






1) The Christmas Throwaway by RJ Scott: 

This one is really not as bad as it is disturbing. The bruting guy with the 5 oclock shadow next to who I assume is the "Christmas Throwaway", homeless kid with the matted blonde hair. The cover of this book offends me because gay youth are at high risk of literally being "thrown away" (by parents and others) and the cover adds a hot guy and fancy red and white Christmas letters to the mix to make that reality seem sexy? I don't get it. The only thing that should be thrown away regarding this book is, well, this book!