Gay Professor Sues Bible Committee For Discriminating Against Homosexuals

Three months later, the professor was in court.  The court room was packed to capacity. People were whispering amongst themselves, while newspaper reporters were busy flashing cameras and taking pictures. Of course, witnessing so much activity made the professor nervous. So much, he couldn’t stop patting his right foot up under the table. Every once in a while he’d looked back at his mother, who too, was just as nervous.


Then all of a sudden, he set his eyes upon Pastor Sanchez and Mrs. Sanchez; before noticing Cynthia and Janet sitting next to one another. Seeing them evoked him to smile. Yet, as he continued looking around the room, he noticed Michael was no where to be seen. Then finally, he spotted Melody and Wendy sitting together in the far back, as well as many of his students. However, he was shocked Michael wasn’t anywhere in the crowd.


Nevertheless, he continued waving at people who were either waving at him or smiling, hoping to cheer him up and support his defense. But the professor was mainly worried about Michael. Then twenty minutes later, the bailiff stepped forward and asked everyone to rise. Immediately, the room filled with a shuffle, as people stood from the hard wooden benches, anxiously awaiting the outcome. Then the judge entered and took his seat, immediately announcing for everyone to be seated. Almost simultaneously, everyone sat down, and immediately, there was a sudden calmness that overcame the entire room.

Next, the judge asked the news reporters to refrain from taking pictures during the proceedings. He then asked each attorney, if they were ready to proceed. Each of them answered yes, and began consulting with their clients. Still, the professor wondered where Michael was. So, he then turned and looked back over his shoulder, but still didn’t see his face. Suddenly, he grew nervous.


Finally, the judge instructed the professor’s attorney to make his opening statement. But before doing so, he leaned over and explained to the professor what he was going to eliminate from his statement. The professor nodded his head with agreement; and then, the attorney made his opening remarks.


“Your Honor, may I approach the bench?”


Of course the judge didn’t object. Suddenly, the attorney for the defendant stood and fastened his blazer and asked, “May I approach the bench, also?”


Immediately, the court room filled with sounds of whisper. “Please, both of you come forth.” The judge insisted.


“Your Honor, the plaintiff would like to clear the court room of all news reporters, if it’s possible? He and his mother are in protective custody, and he doesn’t want to jeopardize his safety.”


The judge looked at the attorney for the defendants, awaiting an objection, but there wasn’t any. He then replied, “Sure, I’ll clear the court room. And before we get started, let me remind you both, I don’t want any under handed practice in my court room; understood.”


Both attorneys agreed, before stepping back and walking over to their tables and conferring with their clients. Meanwhile, the judge announced for all reporters to cease recording and taking photos, or they would be asked to leave the court room. Then, the attorney for the plaintiff’s made his opening statement.


“Your Honor and people of the jury; my clients are asking you to weigh the evidence in this civil matter and make a firm judgment on their behalf, that would completely eliminate all future misinterpretation of the scriptures from including the negative connotation towards homosexuals within the Bible. Moreover, my clients are asking you to refrain from allowing your bias opinions towards homosexuals to dictate your judgments while proceeding over this case.’

“Furthermore, I will prove beyond a reasonable doubt that the defendants in this matter manipulated the Bible, with the intent to cause my clients mental anguish and emotional duress, which each of them has endured throughout their life both from the public and personal affiliations in society, since the misrepresentation concerning homosexuals has been published. And, as a result, I will be sharing several scriptures from the Bible to support their claims.”


The judge acknowledged the attorneys opening statement, and immediately looked over at the jury and questioned if each of them understood what had been said. Of course, no one objected; therefore, the judge allowed the attorneys to proceed.

 Immediately, the defendant’s attorney stood from his chair and walked towards the front of the room and made his opening statement. He then moved back to the desk and sat down.


The judge then looked over at the plaintiff’s attorney and nodded his head, as if he was giving him the clearance to proceed. Immediately, the attorney stood and called his first witness.


“Your Honor, I call Professor Brad Stanley, to the stand.”


The professor stood nervously and reached to fix his buttons on his grey suit jacket, before stepping from behind the table, and taking a quick glance back over his left shoulder and looked directly into his mother’s eyes, hoping to regain his confidence. Doing so made her smile, as she nodded her head acknowledging him.  Afterwards, the professor took his seat on the bench.


 Immediately, he was approached by the bailiff, who asked him if he’d swore to tell the truth, so help him God. The professor declared he would.


Then, his attorney approached him and began asking questions regarding his name, his profession and what the nature of his complaint was. The professor answered each question truthfully, but nervously. The attorney then asked, “In your own words, please share with the court- what evoked you to file your civil complaint.”


The professor cleared his throat and answered, “While doing research on various Bibles, I discovered I Corinthians Six verse nine, didn’t read the same from one Bible to the next, regarding homosexuality. Furthermore, I discovered there were many other scriptures that stated no one was to add words to the Bible, or take away words from the Bible or even interpret the words of the Bible. In addition, I learned no one was supposed to make a firm judgment as to where someone would go after life, be it up to heaven or to the world below.”


The court room suddenly filled with sounds of chit-chatter and whispers; causing the judge to begin hammering on his desk, demanding silence. Of course, everyone complied. Then the attorney moved back over to his desk and retrieved a Bible and asked the judge, if he could allow his client to point such scriptures out. The judge didn’t object and allowed the Bible to be passed to the professor, who began pointing each scripture out.


The judge looked at the defendant’s attorney and asked, “Is your client aware that the Bible included these scriptures?”


The attorney then asked, if he could confer with his client’s momentarily. He then informed the judge, “No, your Honor, my client’s did not know such scriptures were in the text.”


The judge responded, “Proceed.”


Then, the professor was asked what made him file the civil complaint. He cleared his throat and responded, “Growing up, I was often taunted by other children because I was different. People always mistreated me and said things to me that made me feel less assured about myself, as well as made me feel as though God was punishing me for nothing. Although I didn’t feel my sexual orientation was wrong in my heart. I always thought if God didn’t want me to be gay, he would’ve made me straight.”


The attorney paused, due to the up rise of chit-chatter in the court room. Moments after, he proceeded to ask more questions.


“Did your sexual orientation cause problems between your mother and you?”


The professor paused before answering, and then looked at his mother. “Yes, it caused my mother and me some grief in the beginning. When I told her I was gay, she immediately informed me that I was only following behind my friends. She also told me I wasn’t gay, because God didn’t make me that way. After that, she continued to treat me differently. It was as if she didn’t want to be in the same room with me at times; that too, often made me feel uncomfortable around her.’


“This has always played a serious role with my profession. I’ve had to endure taunts from students and faculty, who have disrespected me and made me feel less assured about myself, simply because they didn’t respect my sexual orientation.” He explained.


The attorney then asked, “How could anyone make you feel less about yourself, weren’t you secure in who you are?”


“As a child, no one is secure with their identity, as you know. I had to grow to learn how to accept being different. I knew that being gay was wrong in people’s eyes, because everyone else was with the opposite sex. But I didn’t find the opposite sex as attractive as I found those of my same sex. Besides, I didn’t know there were other people who had the same thoughts and feelings about same sex, when I was young, as I did. I honestly thought I was the only one God had made this way.”


“You say, you thought God had picked you out of many others and made you different, which evoked you to feel uncomfortable? How did you grow to learn there were others like you, at what age did you find this out?”


“I was twelve years old. In elementary school, I was picked on because I picked flowers for a boy I liked. Once the news got around the school, a few of the other male students came to me and told me they too, were just like me. Once I met them, my life took a change for the better, so I thought. I mean, even though I’d met others who were like me, I still was being nagged by female students, who would always try to force me to be their boyfriend. You know, threatening me and physically assaulting me.” He answered truthfully before He answere hushing, due to an out burst objection from the defendant’s attorney.


“I object! Your Honor, the plaintiff is rambling about childhood antics, which has nothing to do with my clients. I move to strike his last statement.”


“I’m going to allow the plaintiff to continue answering the question. You may be seated.” He insisted.


The attorney continued.


“You say children introduced themselves to you, which helped you become more comfortable, in whom you were? And, how did your father react when he found out you were gay?”


“My father was upset. At first, he asked if I wanted to wear women’s clothes. I told him no. Then, it was as if he went into a depressing state of mind. So much, our relationship didn’t continue on the same path as it once was. We didn’t have the normal father son laughing and joking with each other type of relationship, as we often did. It was as if he suddenly became cold and distant.”


“So how has your life been since you’ve come out of the closet, so to speak?”


“My life has been great since I finished college. Although I still undergo a lot of badgering from students and faculty from time-to-time; I take it in stride and keep going. I now know that what I do sexual is my own business. If someone doesn’t want to be bothered with me because of who I am; that’s their right. I just eliminate those individuals from my life. The world is too big for me to be bothered with such negative people. Besides, there are gay people all around the globe.”


“Are you religious?”

“Yes, I attend church and often a Bible study.”

“And, your faith is?”


“How long have you been practicing Christianity?”

“Since the age of ten; my mother had me baptized then; and since then, I’ve confessed Jesus as my Lord and Savior.” He professed with confidence.

“And, have you studied other religions even though you are Christian?”

“Yes, I have. In fact, I’ve studied Taoism, Scientology, Hinduism, Buddhism, Islam, Shinto and Jainism.”

“And, what did each of those teach about homosexuality?”

“They each differ on the subject. While one or two of them teach it is a sin, others embrace same-sex relationships as a normal behavior, or a right of passages in some aspect.”


“And, what do you think the Bible committee should do about their belief on homosexuals not inheriting the kingdom of God?”

“I think it’s important they review the scriptures and remain in compliance with what the scriptures teach. If we are to allow religion to remain an important part of our society, people shouldn’t be forced to discriminate against homosexuals based on one group of individuals’ opinion. Besides, there are scriptures that confirm- no one should add words or take away words from the doctrine. After all, doing so has caused many people to become homophobic and/or hate homosexuals altogether.”


The attorney stated he had no further questions and allowed the defendant’s attorney to proceed. The attorney stood and buttoned his suit jacket and approached the professor.


“If you will, could you explain what my client has done to you, personally?”

“Yes, your client has caused me to experience many years of hardship, ridicule and hatred from my peers and colleagues. As a result, such taunting has affected my self esteem as well as created unnecessary stress in my life.”

“And, how did my client do that when my client has never met you?”

“By making a generalization that taught society to dislike homosexuals.”

“And, how do you know you will inherit the kingdom of God?”


“I don’t and neither does your client. Not to exclude the ideology there is a scripture that states, the natural man does not know the things of God because he is spiritually discerned. Also, there is a scripture that states, no one knows who will go up to the heaven above or the world below. Therefore, your clients are wrong about their revision efforts.”

The attorney then stated, “I have no further questions, and returned to his seat.”


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